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MH-ET LIVE MiniKit for ESP32

by shedboy71

The MH-ET LIVE MiniKit is an ESP32 board which has the advantage of being able to utilise the various shields that have been developed for the Wemos Mini (ESP8266) module.

This is a picture of the module

Here is the pinout of the board, if you look at this you can see that the white rows are the same as the Wemos Mini, this means if you fit a suitable header you can use those shields

I will be checking out the wemos shields and adapting some of the examples to fit this ESP32 module

You can also see that there are many additional i/o pins you can use, hopefully people will develop shields for this board as well. The module comes with various header options so you can decide which ones you want to solder on


There are various github resources for this board

https://github.com/MHEtLive/ESP32-MINI-KIT – various libraries



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