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An ESP32 and integrated camera module

by shedboy71

In this article we look at a neat module which integrates a camera and an ESP32 into a 3D printed case

The camera is an OV2640 type and here is an image of the actual board and camera


Hardware Specifications
Chipset ESP32 Dual-Core
USB to TTL CP2104
Modular interface UART、SPI、SDIO、I2C、LED PWM、TV PWM、I2S、IRGPIO、capacitor touch sensor、ADC、DACLNA  pre-amplifier
On-board clock 40MHz crystal oscillator
Working voltage 2.7V-3.6V
Working current About 160mA
Working temperature range  -40℃ ~ +85℃

Power Supply Specifications

Power management Chip AXP192
Power Supply Input USB 5V/1A
Charging current 400mA
Battery Input 3.7-4.2V
Battery 3.7V lithium battery
Protocol 802.11 b/g/n(802.11n,speed up to150Mbps)A-MPDU and A-MSDU polymerization,support 0.4μS Protection interval
Frequency range 2.4GHz~2.5GHz(2400M~2483.5M)
Transmit Power 22dBm
Communication distance 300m


Protocol Meets bluetooth v4.2BR/EDR and BLE standard
Radio frequency With -97dBm sensitivity NZIF receiver Class-1,Class-2&Class-3 emitter AFH
Audio frequency CVSD&SBC audio frequency

Software specification

Wi-Fi Mode Station/SoftAP/SoftAP+Station/P2P
Security mechanism WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise/WPS
Encryption Type AES/RSA/ECC/SHA
Firmware upgrade UART download/OTA(Through network/host to download and write firmware)
Software Development Support cloud server development /SDK for user firmware development
Networking protocol IPv4、IPv6、SSL、TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/MQTT
User Configuration AT + Instruction set, cloud server, android/iOSapp


Quick Start

  • Select ESP32 Dev Module in the Arduino board selection,and select Huge APP (3MB No OTA/1MB SPIFFS) in the Partition Scheme option,select Enable in PSRAM. Replace ssid and password in the sketch with your hotspot and password Or leave the code unchanged use AP mode
  • Upload a sketch to the board
  • Connect to the hotspot turned on by the board, turn on the phone to scan wifi by default, you should be able to see the hotspots sent by the board, the default is TTGO-CAMERA-xxxx, the default is no password, open the browser and enter and you will see Web interface, slide to the bottom and click Start, you will see the real-time video stream
  • There is a touch button under the camera, touch it, the camera screen will be reversed
  • Before changing the code, you must know that this board uses integrated power management. Before coding, you must turn off the current limit of the AXP192, otherwise it may cause excessive current to cause protection.
  • There are two versions of Camera Min. The earlier version is green PCB and the new version is black PCB. If using older version please turn on OLD_VERSION_CAMERA macro,in sketch 16 line


The module costs £18 from aliexpress

LILYGO® TTGO T-Camera Mini Camera Module



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