MH ET LIVE ESP32 MINI KIT and BMP180 shield example

OK this is another wemos type shield that can easily be connected to a MH ET LIVE ESP32 MINI KIT, in this case this is actually not an official wemos shield but it works just fine.

Here is a picture of the shield
BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Board Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module For D1 MINI

As stated the shield is not a Wemos designed one but is sturdy construction, good quality and comes with a selection of headers that you can solder yourself to it, its an I2C sensor so the shield uses D1 and D2. here is a typical schematic for a bmp180, this shield is similar but without the 3v3 regulator at the top

Here you can see the BMP180 shield fitted to a MH ET LIVE ESP32 MINI KIT




We had a previous code example for this module, this was tested and worked with the shield perfectly. As you can see the Adafruit BMP085  library is required, this can easily be added in the arduino library manager

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_BMP085.h>

Adafruit_BMP085 bmp;

void setup()
//Wire.begin (4, 5);
if (!bmp.begin())
Serial.println("Could not find BMP180 or BMP085 sensor at 0x77");
while (1) {}

void loop()
Serial.print("Temperature = ");
Serial.println(" Celsius");

Serial.print("Pressure = ");
Serial.println(" Pascal");




Open the serial monitor and you should see something like this

Temperature = 29.80 Celsius
Pressure = 98216 Pascal

Temperature = 32.70 Celsius
Pressure = 98507 Pascal

Temperature = 33.40 Celsius
Pressure = 98730 Pascal

Temperature = 33.10 Celsius
Pressure = 98216 Pascal

Temperature = 32.10 Celsius
Pressure = 98209 Pascal

Temperature = 31.80 Celsius
Pressure = 98220 Pascal

Temperature = 31.40 Celsius
Pressure = 98213 Pascal



This came in at about $2.05 a piece

BMP180 Replace BMP085 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module FOR WeMos D1 mini WIFI extension board learning board