ESP32 and SHT31 sensor example

SHT31 is the next generation of Sensirion’s temperature and humidity sensors. It builds on a new CMOSens® sensor chip that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new humidity and temperatureplatform.

The SHT3x-DIS has increased intelligence, reliability and improved accuracy specifications compared to its predecessor. Its functionality includes enhanced signal processing, two distinctive and user selectable I2C addresses and communication speeds of up to 1 MHz. The DFN package has a footprint of 2.5 x 2.5 mm2 while keeping a height of 0.9 mm.

This allows for integration of the SHT3x-DIS into a great variety of applications.


Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature compensated digital output
Wide supply voltage range, from 2.4 V to 5.5 V
I2C Interface with communication speeds up to 1 MHz and two user selectable addresses

I bought the following module


If you’re using an Lolin32 simply connect the VIN pin to the 3v3 voltage pin, GND to ground, SCL to I2C Clock (22) and SDA to I2C Data (21).

Here is a layout drawn up in fritzing to illustrate this


lolin32 and sht31
lolin32 and sht31




This example uses the adafruit sht31 library –

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include "Adafruit_SHT31.h"

Adafruit_SHT31 sht31 = Adafruit_SHT31();

void setup()
if (! sht31.begin(0x44))
Serial.println("Couldn't find SHT31");
while (1) delay(1);

void loop()
float t = sht31.readTemperature();
float h = sht31.readHumidity();

if (! isnan(t))
Serial.print("Temp *C = "); Serial.println(t);
Serial.println("Failed to read temperature");

if (! isnan(h))
Serial.print("Hum. % = "); Serial.println(h);
Serial.println("Failed to read humidity");



Open the serial monitor and you should see something like this

Temp *C = 19.46
Hum. % = 45.33

Temp *C = 19.71
Hum. % = 46.29

Temp *C = 24.44
Hum. % = 61.38

Temp *C = 26.48
Hum. % = 71.29

Temp *C = 27.99
Hum. % = 76.13

Link Product – 1PCS/LOT SHT31 Temperature & SHT31-D Humidity Sensor module Breakout Weather for Arduino