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MH-ET LIVE MiniKit for ESP32 and Micropython

by shedboy71

This is very similar to the first example, this time I wanted to check out the MH-ET LIVE MiniKit for ESP32 rather than the Lolin32


Parts List

Name Link
MH-ET LIVE ESP32 MINI KIT MH-ET LIVE ESP32 MINI KIT WiFi+Bluetooth Internet of Things development board based ESP8266 Fully functional D1 MINI Upgraded


This is taken from https://riot-os.org/api/group__boards__esp32__mh-et-live-minikit.html

Pin Default Configuration* Optional Modules* Remarks / Prerequisites Configuration
GPIO2 PWM_DEV(0):0 / LED blue PWM Channels
GPIO0 PWM_DEV(0):1 PWM Channels
GPIO4 PWM_DEV(0):2 PWM Channels
GPIO15 PWM_DEV(0):3 PWM Channels
GPIO22 I2C_DEV(0):SCL I2C Interfaces
GPIO21 I2C_DEV(0):SDA I2C Interfaces
GPIO18 SPI_DEV(0):SCK SPI Interfaces
GPIO19 SPI_DEV(0):MISO SPI Interfaces
GPIO23 SPI_DEV(0):MOSI SPI Interfaces
GPIO5 SPI_DEV(0):CS0 SD Card CS when module sdcard_spi is used SPI Interfaces
GPIO1 UART_DEV(0):TxD Console (configuration is fixed) UART interfaces
GPIO3 UART_DEV(0):RxD Console (configuration is fixed) UART interfaces
GPIO9 UART_DEV(1):TxD UART interfaces
GPIO10 UART_DEV(1):RxD UART interfaces
GPIO34 ADC_LINE(0) ADC Channels
GPIO35 ADC_LINE(1) ADC Channels
GPIO36 ADC_LINE(2) ADC Channels
GPIO39 ADC_LINE(3) ADC Channels
GPIO25 DAC_LINE(0) DAC Channels
GPIO16 MRF24J40 RESET when module mrf24j40 is used
GPIO17 MRF24J40 INT when module mrf24j40 is used
GPIO26 MRF24J40 CS when module mrf24j40 is used


And here is the image from the same site



The code is similar – just uses a different I/O from the Lolin32 – I added debug as I was having problems with an I2CScanner, not really required in this example

[codesyntax lang=”python”]

from machine import Pin
from time import sleep

led = Pin(2, Pin.OUT)

while True:
  print("LED OFF")
  print("LED ON")


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